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ANWB Route Planner

No one enjoys getting lost or arriving too late. That’s why the ANWB has for years offered an online Route Planner via 1.740.000 visitors use the ANWB Route Planner each month to set out their route. That means about 4.8 million page views monthly! By advertising with a banner in the ANWB Route Planner, you can reach car lovers at the moment that they are paying extra attention to their computer screen. Advertising with banners in the ANWB Route Planner is a great opportunity to reach and inspire your target group.

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€ 12,- CPM

Leaderboard - Targeted

Because the leader board is displayed at the top of the web page, it immediately captures attention. The horizontal format makes the leader board very suitable for horizontal animation. In addition, the large format of the leader board (728x90) makes it especially effective in getting attention. By targeting on the basis of postal code or area of interest, the leader board will be shown only to your target group. This is a bit more expensive than Run of Site, but very focused.
€ 20,- CPM

Rectangle - Targeted

A rectangle has many advantages. Development costs are lower because of the easier form (300x250) and the space that the larger format offers for the advertiser’s message. In addition, it is easier to position it on our online network. Targeting on location or area of interest means that the rectangle is shown only to your target group. Although slightly more expensive than Run or Site, it is highly targeted.

Our Advice

Advertising in the ANWB Route Planner brings you a large and diverse reach. With a banner on the portal or on the printed version of the route, you can reach your target group just when they are paying extra attention to the information on their computer screen.

All of the advantages of advertising in ANWB Route Planner:
- Choice of diverse banners on the portal or on the printed version of the route
- Diverse targeting possibilities, including geo-targeting!
- A monthly reach of 1.740.019 car lovers
- Advertise in a context of objective and reliable information
- Under the umbrella of, which attracts 5 million visitors monthly

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Target audience

Reach an average of 1.740.019 unique visitors monthly.
An average of 4.866.200 page views monthly

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